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    Exclamation Need help source a new movement BATMAN GMT NOOB

    Hello all. I bought about a year ago a watch I was 'told' was a NOOB v9 GMT Batman 3186. I am having trouble locating a replacement 3186 Asian movement. I have a batman GMT I've had for some time now and the date wheel no longer works and has a date stuck between two numbers. How and where would be the best place to get a new movement? Thank you ever so much in advance. I really want to get this GMT going again. Here are some photos

    this is the movement mmexport1563899160087 —

    20191030-110909 —
    20191030-110853 —
    20191030-110839 —
    20191030-110831 —

    My watch repair man will put in a new movement for $20 but i cannot find where to buy! Please help!

    Thank you so much in advance!

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    de rhineland


    I do not think so, that this watch is from NooB Factory

    Here is a NooB Batman with 3186 Movement

    0 0 0 0 RLGS00802 NF 904L Steel 116710BLNR CHS SS/SS Batman GMT Black SA3186

    Take a look at the hand-stack and the "1" of the Insert.

    Also I think it is not possible to get a Asia 3186 replacement movement
    My collection:2 Daytona 116520 NooB SA4130 White Dial/Black Dial, 2xAR, WR-100
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    Submariner 116610 LN Black Ceramic V7 Noob SA3135, 2xAR, WR-100
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