I am not sure if this is the right category for this post, please advise if it isn't. I'm working on a couple Milgauss builds, and hope to share what info I can through the process. I'll put all these little info-bits together as a single thread when finished (...are builds ever really finished?); So first up is my best effort to determine the closest RGB values that make up Milgauss seconds-hand orange.

Color was first determined via 20 scans of gen second hand with an inexpensive (± $60) photospectrometer, the Color Muse ( Color Muse ) that has proven to be quite an accurate little yoke. Then, I was able to grab the listed paint-sample card swatch from Home Depot, and I think that the scan results are really quite accurate-- though the difference between matte sample swatch and glossy gen hand needs to be accounted for. It took a fair bit of experimentation before I could get a reading at all with the Color Muse (as the width of the seconds hand is so small), and of course I was rather concerned about damaging the hand! But after experimenting with a tiny line drawn with a sharpie on card to find the sensor sweet spot, I was able to get 20 consecutive successful scans.

COLOR CODE EC7938 // 70YR 30-651
R: 236 G: 121 B: 56

1) Dulux 70YR 30/651
2) Glidden 'Pumpkin Patch' 70YR 30/651

Note: as these samples noted are matte acrylic and the Milgauss hand has a glossy finish, the sample paints listed would of course require an additional gloss coat to finish. This difference is really apparent in some of the photos when the light source/camera angle changes.

In addition to the gen, I've got 2 different Rep second hands I'll scan soon to determine what color values they've got (one a 2019 DJF, and one unknown-age BP, which on just visual comparison through crystal is strikingly similar). See below for pics of different angles. Hope this is of some little help to the community!