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    Exclamation Bunker SOP *Read Before Posting*

    First things first- welcome to The Bunker!

    Now what exactly is The Bunker?

    The Bunker is a place where you're going to have a place to post and look at pics of watches and guns/knives- or just some guns If you don't like firearms don't post disparaging comments. It is a place where, over the next month or so, you'll be able to find posts on primitive medicine, advanced first aid and combat lifesaving techniques that apply to civilians, NBC (nuclear/biological/chemical) survivability, how to pack a BOB (bug out bag) for you and your family and a lot of other topics as well.

    The situation in Japan shows that you can't always rely on the news you see on TV or on the internet. You've gotten more information here, in a much more timely fashion than anywhere else on the planet short of actually being involved in the Incident Command structure or governmental intelligence agency This is going to be a place where you will be able to pop in and find out what is really going on in the event of a disaster and what you can do to mitigate the impact on your lives. Many members will look here for information than can save their lives in an emergency situation and as such this section will be HEAVILY moderated.

    There will be no warnings and no second chances. Think long and hard before posting. If you think it might pi$$ me off it probably will.

    Subject matter experts and members with a solid knowledge base are welcome to share anecdotal stories of what worked in a specific situation.

    Now here is what The Bunker is not:

    It is not a place to troll.

    It is not a place to disparage the use of, or photos of firearms. If you don't like firearms we don't need to know it here.

    It is not a place for speculation. If you have no actual working knowledge of a topic do not post as if you do.

    It is not a place for politics as far as who people should be voting for. Politics as it pertains to financial collapse and warfare, specific misdeeds or policies and general viewpoints are allowed however.

    It is not a conspiracy theory dumping ground. There are other sites for that nonsense.

    As always the longstanding and effective RepGeek rules of no flaming and civility stand. These rules have made RG the #1 rep watch site on the net and WILL be enforced.
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