HI everyones:

Actually are general meaning KVF make the most accurate replicas in the marquet talking about RM. So... have a lots of references for check and everyones have "pros and contras" Flaws and Accurate all have generic defects such as the thickness of the box, and other defects that are exchanged between references. So the question that I expose here is:

What is the current reference that comes closest to an RM and what better aspect does it offer in this factory?

In my opinion, these are the most wearables, but ... What is the opinion of the forum experts?

PureTime Watches

And one question about this case.. WTF are the "White Ghost"? I dont find in the dealers!! any have the actual link?

PureTime Watches

Rosegold makes high personality in this.

PureTime Watches

Handsome dial.

PureTime Watches

One of my fav´s because the size.. what do you think?

PureTime Watches

Red strap.. black strap...

And the last one, and maybe one of my favs.


Maybe this are the option for replace the "White Ghost"?

So.... If you have arrived here; or you are with the same doubts as me, or you are really an RM freak!!.

In the last three options (Links) is my eye put now, but I'm not an expert in this watch brand.

You help me with consistency to decide which is the best and most balanced until the moment about this factory?

If I have forgotten one, what would be your proposal?

Thank you very much for your help folks!!.