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    Great review. Thanks

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    Excellent, excellent write-up!

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    Quote Originally Posted by taiji View Post
    Hi Everyone,

    This review plus compro may come a bit late but I hope to do a full version review for this fabulous rep (probably the best rep of the year before Breitling SFSO). I also hope that it will become a useful source of information for PO fans.

    Here we go...

    Bytor's review on 3rd and 4th generation of his 42mm POs was the best IMHO. It is a must read for any newbie entering into our hobby.

    From his review, I learn more about the flaws about this popular rep.

    The 4th gen 42mm PO is no doubt one of the best made rep in Omega series but it also came with a number of flaws.

    1.) Incorrect Omega logo used (Despite going through so many rounds of improvement, it really beat us why won't the rep factory fix this once and for all because the 45.5mm UPO inside my review later is so near to perfection)
    2.) Incorrect crown
    3.) Shorter hour and minute hands
    4.) The words "PLANET OCEAN" on the outter part of the caseback is etched not engraved
    5.) Large gap between the lug and bracelet
    6.) Nightmare loose clasp that will never lock up tight.

    Eversince the rep factory released the 42mm PO rep, it has gone through many stages / generation of improvements.

    I guess it must be the good Omega design which created a high demand for this model that make the rep factory push forward again and again to improve further and to sell them at higher price. It is business thing, you want better stuff? You pay more.

    My review / compro will focus heavily on the next superstar rep. Yes sir... the 45.5mm PO.

    Omega introduce 2 sizes 942mm and 45.5mm) for this model (see pic above).Being a world class watch brand, I think Omega release the 2 sizes for both the western (with larger wirst) and eastern wearers.
    Most people like the juicy orange colour bezel and numerals when they first saw the watch.The black bezel with white numerals on the dial has its supporters too.
    For some people, they just want to have a combination of both. The 2006 planet ocean (with black bezel and orange numerals) was released and the match was fantastic.

    Both the small and big size POs are powered by Omega 2500 caliber movment. It is a self winding automatic watch with co-axial escapement. It is more of a Diver's watch as the water resistance is down to 600m or 2000 feet.
    Crystal used is domed (raised and curved) scratched resistant with AR coating on both sides. Handsome looking timepiece with sleek designed SS case.

    The rep factory produced 4 versions of 45.5mm PO rep altogether. The reps were released at different stages / timing and because of this, many members got confused as to which one is the best versions to go for.

    Version 1

    I wasn't so lucky. Eager to get one at that time, I pulled the trigger on this version which was powered by Swiss ETA2824.
    The movement sit well with a steel holder and to also comes with a anti magnetic cover. The crystal has very weak single sided AR coating.

    Let's see what are the flaws;

    1 - Look at the crappy pearl from this angle, the pearl protruded out more and looks rounded with a "pop-out" effect.
    - The minute hand is shorter ( I suspend the rep factory used the same hands for 42mm PO rep )
    - Wrong crown used in this version. The crown surface flushed with the side case after you screw in the crown fully. The crown size on the gen should be bigger and protrude out.

    2 - The text on the clasp should be engraved in this order for 45.5mm PO. "Omega-Seamasters-Professional-Planet Ocean". "Professional" is missing here
    - Look at the slim bracelet, it is obvious that the rep factory make use of the same parts as 42mm PO rep to save cost.
    - I measured the lug width and confirmed that it is smaller than 22mm which can only be fitted by 42mm PO bracelet.

    3 - Incorrect Logo used, this one is worst than the one used on 4th gen PO rep. The rep surface top is rounded whereas the logo surface top is flat on the gen.
    - Gen logo will reflect light when it fall directly on it but will turn dark or "disappear" when it is facing at dim dark area.
    - The incorrect logo reflect lights from all angles easily because of the rounded and polished surface top.
    - As usual, the wrong logo with "feet" on both ends

    4 - The rep factory tried to make improvement on the caseback by engraving the Planet Ocean text. But it is still incorrect because only the first alphabet letter is capitaled. eg. "P"lanet "O"cean
    - The seamonster is also incorrect (the protruded part at the seamonster stomach should be engraved not protrude out.
    - The serial number at the 7 o'clock position is missing here
    - The number "952" on the bracelet is not meant for 45.5mm PO

    Compro between UPO (Left) and version 1 (right)

    - Check out the pearl on UPO. Although the pearl position is slightly out, the improvement was excellent on the UPO.
    - Check out the crown. See the difference?
    - The Helium valve position is out on version 1
    - The text font and size used are also different. If you want to see the difference clearly, focus on the word "co-axial".
    - lug width is 22mm which is correct for UPO. Version 1 luh width is smaller and there's no way to fit a UPO bracelet to it.

    Version 2

    My dealer told me that the sales for version 1 is not selling well than they expected. I guess the answer is obvious. The rep factory didn't stop but proceeded forward to make version 2.
    So, what's with version 2??? Better improvements???

    Let's find out...

    Big Improvement done here. Look at the engraved text, deep and sharp. The letter "P" and "O" are correct this time in capital letters and the cool thing was that it is engraved not etched. The rough texture surface behind the seamonster is also very well replicated . Check out the serial numbers at the corner. Very good job done.

    Krudos to the rep factory!!! It was a big improvement. The rep factory seem to know the flaws in version 1 and improve them all. I think it must be our friendly dealers here who constantly update the rep factory from the feedback gathered from us.

    Version 2 is powered by Swiss ETA2824 and the movement sit in a steel holder with anti magnetic cover. Crystal has single sided AR coating. The lug width is measured correctly at 22mm. Added serial number on the back of the case near
    the 7 o'clock position. Clasp engravement is also done correctly.

    No bad IMO. At least, all the improvements done are pleasing to our eyes except for one thing. The Logo. Like I mentioned earlier on, why can't the rep factory perfect the rep once and for all?
    Well, guess we have to live with it.

    Version 3 (UPO)

    I guess the rep factory know about "monstrous" size logo. They gave their best shot this time and used the correct size logo.
    Unfortunately, the logo is still incorrect as it still has "feet" on both ends.

    Let's see some compro between the gen and UPO. Please note that the UPO has been modded with the correct no feet logo from Silix (One of the dealer here).

    Beveled edge window same like gen. Pearl position is slightly out but still fall in the satisfactory zone.

    As this is the best ever made 45.5mm PO rep, the term ultimate planet ocean (aka UPO) was created. The UPO actually attracted many people. Be it Omega fans or not, many pull the trigger for this one.
    The UPO runs on Swiss ETA2824 and the movement sit in a steel holder with anti magnetic cover. The crystal comes with Single sided AR coating from inside. This is truly one ultimate or almost perfect rep if not for the wrong logo.

    As as we thought that the UPO will be the last version, the rep factory released one ultimately final and last version 4.

    Version 4 (UPO-Lite)

    Basically, the appearance of the watch, case construction etc are the same as UPO except the movement and crystal.

    Version 4 is powered up by Asian DG4813 movement and fall back to single AR coating crystal.

    The rep factory actually used lower cost movement and crystal to bring the price of this baby down so that hobbists like us can afford it. I guess the plan works. From what I know,
    UPO-Lite were wiped out at a short time because of its "very" affordable price. You can still check with the dealer whether if it is still available but chances are slim. The rep factory stoppd making UPO-Lite
    and sell only UPO with swiss movement.

    The DG4813 movement is very reliable, the watch is running like a charm and keeps accurate time.

    Difference between the UPO and UPO-Lite will be the datefont. UPO uses standard datefont from ETA2824 datewheel while the UPO-Lite uses the datefont from the DG4813 movement.
    The difference is easy to tell mainly by the numbers "1" & "4".

    Take a look below

    Asian cloned movement will display a "4" with pointed head while the swiss movement will display a flat top "4".
    For the number "1", it will have a "tail" at the top on Asian (DG4813 movement) while the swiss movement will have "no" tail.

    For me, I was broke at that time so I got the UPO-Lite.

    Here's are some compro between the UPO-Lite and the gen. Please note that the UPO-Lite is modded with correct logo from Silix's dial.

    - Correct engraved "P" & "O" capital letters
    - Correct numbers "951" engraved on both side of the bracelet
    - Correct engraving details of the seamonster

    - The "3" displaying at the datewindow is slightly different. But if the UPO-Lite movement is swapped to using swiss, then the datefont will be the same like the gen.
    - Hour markers height are the same as gen. Big improvement on the dial as compared to version 1.
    - Correct text font on the dial
    - Correct numerals (Notice the tiny little tail at the end of the number "2")

    There are 2 rep factories each producing PO rep. The above illustrated reps are from the first rep factory and you can get them from dealers like Josh, ruby or Trusty.
    There is also another 45.5mm PO rep available from Silix and her dial has the correct logo.

    Just to share some observations I found on Silix's dial and the rep;

    - Correct logo (no feet)
    - Protruding pearl
    - Datefont is not correct
    - Numerals and text font size are bigger
    - Hour markers are too slim (look at 6 o'clock marker, it should be higher than the indices beside it)

    Ok Folks, above are the full history of 45.5mm PO rep.I hope that you find my review plus compro interesting.

    If you are thinking of doing a mod to your PO, below are some information and people you can contact

    1.) Dial with the correct logo - Silix
    2.) AR coating - K222 or chieftang
    3.) Lume - Ziggy or Vacuum
    4.) Watch servicing - Ziggy
    5.) Gen Omega parts (eg. dial, hands, bezel etc) - Cousin from UK


    - The UPO-Lite looks more complete with the boxset

    Thanks for viewing.

    Great description. Thank you for the effort!

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