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    Default hello looking for help

    Hello I hop everyone is doing well. I am new to this and I have some questions. I am looking to purchase A replica a Gold DayDate Rolex, Gold Patek Philippe Nautilus, Black Patek Philippe Nautilus, and possibly a Frank Muller. These are gifts for someone and i am looking to get them ASAP for a reasonable price. I am looking for good quality nice clasp, a good heavy weight and overall nice appearance for a good price. I do not know much about watches as i mentioned they are a gift and im hoping to get some help here. thank you in advance

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    I would suggest checking out the different brand sections to check for any reviews of the watches you are looking at. If you can't find them, I would then contact the TDs and ask them about which ones are available. We cannot comment on the price as we are not dealers and be aware that the quality of the reps will dictate the price. It's up to you to decide which quality level is reasonable for the asking price. As for the time, I'm afraid you will have to realize that even if there were no global pandemic, there may be some delays in getting the reps that you want especially if you want them all to be shipped at the same time. I suggest you discuss this with the TDs to be able to minimize the delay. Good luck.

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