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    Default Strap pins for 47mm Panerai 1950

    Hi, I have a rep Panerai 1950 and upgraded the leather strap from Benson Craft Studio from Etsy.

    However I'm missing one of the strap pins and can't find it anywhere.

    My pin is 34mm wide with small screws at either end. These are 2mm wide. One side screws off whilst the other side doesn’t.

    Image of watch;

    Dropbox - IMG_7509.jpg - Simplify your life
    Dropbox - IMG_7510.jpg - Simplify your life

    Images of pin;

    Dropbox - image002.jpg - Simplify your life
    Dropbox - image003.jpg - Simplify your life
    Dropbox - image004.jpg - Simplify your life

    The nice guys at Watch Obsession thought that it was a Bell & Ross style pin, but unfortunately the bar is too fat as are the screws at either end.

    I have bought several bars over the internet that I thought might fit, but none do. Can anyone help or point me in the right direction?
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