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11-07-2007, 04:29 AM
I'm sure we all know BK by now......the Sub Cannibal.

The man who knows everything about sub that even rolex are not aware of...:D
(yes, sometimes he scares me too :D )

We all know him for his great work of mod and passion for the watch.

But today I'd like to uncover a little bit of BK's personal side.

I'd like to thank BK and JC for making this interview possible.

Thank you guys!


jiro: Hi, bk~! It is my honor to have you here today!

BK: It's my honor actually. RepGeek is such a great place to be and I saw it picks up steam. I'm so glad to be a part of it.

jiro: Thank you for your kind word~ On the be half of all RepGeek Staff Teams and all members, I thank you for all your hard work here at RepGeek, we truly appreciate it. And thank you so much for taking your time for this interview today!

jiro: Ok, let’s get some basic questions done first~!

jiro: Why bklm1234?

BK: I'm just not very creative with username. It's my initials. 1234 is just because some forum (forgot which) doesn't allow 4 chars. I started using it a while back and just stuck with it. Don't want to keep so many ids around. You probably see me at WatchUSeek. But I hardly go there anymore.

jiro: Ah ha~ I see! May I ask where you’re originally from?

BK: I was born and raised in Hong Kong. Went to college in the US and stayed ever since. I did go back to work in Hong Kong for 8 years as a software sales guy. But I'm back to California where I think my field (IT, software) is a lot more stable, pays more, less stressful.

jiro: Now, that explains your trip to Hong Kong few months ago where you found your infamous BK Yachtmaster!

BK: That's right. When I lived in HK, I wasn't into reps at all. I've seen them everywhere in China when I took my many business trips there. But they weren't any good. I was a sales guy. Everybody in the field wears gens and expensive ones. I didn't think about reps at all. When I came back to the States, I was gen less because I am pretty anal about my watches. I want them spot-less, scratch-less, new-looking. I scratched my IWC GST Ti and 2 Explorer IIs so I sold them all. I almost forgot all about watches. And then I must have too much free time at my work so I started looking at watches again. First it's just cheap gens. Then I realized $400-500, I should get something that makes a statement.

BK: At WUS, I realized somebody was wearing DSN's no brand 44mm. I researched a bit and found RWG and RWI. I stayed at RWI and frequented that the most because of Davidsen who seems post there the most. And then everything just opened up and I realized there are a ****load of other reps of such high quality.

jiro: Very well~ That actually answers many of my questions! So that's how you got into this hobby of ours, huh?......Please forgive my ignorance but what is WUS?

BK: WUS is watchuseek, a gen forum, mostly focus on affordable gens. From there I learned about DOXA, ZENO, Sinn, DAMASKO, Limes, O&L, etc., etc.

jiro: ah ha~ I see...What was your first rep, then?

BK: the usual suspect, black sub, later an explorer 2, I have a love/hate thing with exp2 for some reason

jiro: I remember from you post long ago, you said that you got tired of buying so many black subs, and that’s what motivated you to start modding your own watches. How many subs did you end up buying at that time?

BK: Let's see, I got my 1st and 2nd black subs while I was vacationing in China, ShenZhen to be exact. And then I realize the reps at the forum dealers are better than what I got in SZ. So I bought one TTK noobmariner and one "wokky" sub from WO-MART Paul. Back then I didn't know better from the pics about the wokky rehaut. I then got a TWB from River when he first started selling them after the TWB was just a legend. After that, I bought from a member (sorry forgot his name, he's from Spain, I think) an old case MBW which is my most priceless sub. Then came TTK's MBW. I remember I tried to buy from the obscure George but got frustrated and turned off by his high prices. And then I got so many subs from the noob factory from my dealer friend in China to play with.......sorry, but I totally lost count

jiro: Haha, I don't blame you~! :D

jiro: Ok, back to the basic questions....age?

BK: 45

jiro: Without getting too detailed, what is your day job?

BK: I'm a systems administrator manager at a government agency, I'm basically a state employee. We work hard, sometimes. haha. :D I'm just very fast in most things (except sex, haha again :lol: ). So I really have a lot time at my disposable which explains I'm on the forum a lot, esp. answering many members' questions.....a computer guy ;)

jiro: Systems Administrator Manager at Government Agency? wow~ I had no idea!

BK: Yeah, 180 degrees from what I used to do, sales. Very stable and sometimes boring. But I'm happy and pretty stress free.

BK: I do miss the glorious side of sales, really life in the fast lane. travel in style, eat well, night clubs. but all that's in the past.

jiro: no more night clubs?!!!! Whan kinda life is that now!!! TThat's just no fun!!! hehe~ j/k~ ;) :p

BK: i know, that's why I have to make frequent trips back to Asia where I know how to party

jiro: hehe~ now that's more like it! :D ;)

jiro: Ok, back to the subject....How many watches in your personal collection now?

BK: Not a lot. I have to count. less than 20. But I have to say every one of them is special, labor of love

jiro: hahaha, labor of love, eh? ain't that a true! :D Do you have a favorite though?

BK: Favorite is probably my old case MBW black sub which I still haven't finished, COL. It needs a new cyclop. I haven't done a cyclop replacement. So I need to practise first and I procrastinate and procrastinate.

jiro: Is there any watches on your wish list?

BK: Gens.

jiro: Oh ho~~

BK: they are gen GMT2, EXP2, Black Sub. That's about it

BK: oh also SD

jiro: What do you think about the New Seadweller that our dealers are offering?

BK: It's a great rep but I won't get it. My priorities are bezel teeth, bezel thickness, rehaut thickness (I care less about rehaut depth), date window position, crystal height and bevel. These are the most critical signatures. I need all of them. The new SD lacks the rehaut thickness. The bezel thickness I can live with even it's a priority. It's just too bad.

BK: But I recommend it because not everybody is like me. It's so close already.

jiro: What are your thoughts on prices of so called “super rep” these days?

BK: I think they are actually reasonable. I'm speaking for the dealers 'cause I know their wholesale prices. So if you think they are expensive, it's the factories that are asking too much. The dealers' markup is really about $100 but they are doing a lot of work and taking care of postsales issue. As to the factory prices, the movement is the most expensive part. The culprit of the high prices is the rising movement costs. I saw them go up every week. They are stable now, a little. But then the stupid Dollar is so damned weak. We're lucky that the dealers don't adjust up the prices more, for those who take USD.

jiro: I see~

BK: Recently Silix had a sale on SFSO, the guy probably made $40-50 per watch.

jiro: Yes, I think so too but i'm sure he sold the heck out of it as well~ :D

BK: Exactly Silix's strategy. He's a smart business man. It's a gamble though. I have a lot of respect for him. We often benefit from Silix's extraordinary prices. I mean he has to stock up a whole bunch of watches

jiro: That's true....but i guess that's all part of the business....

BK: Agree, we get the benefits

jiro: indeed~ :D

jiro: Give us your 3 MUST own reps every collection should have.

BK: I can give you 3 must according to categories.

Close to gen: Scuderia FER00008, Ultimate BCE version 2, DSN Ultimate Fiddy

Classic: MBW 1665, 1680, old case MBW 16610

Great to own for the sake of beauty: UPO, IWC GST Ti, any noobs

BK: I have all of them except 1680, hehe:D ;)

jiro: Wow....I'd love to see picture of your collection now! hahaha :D

BK: I actually plan on doing that. I just haven't finished them all, e.g. the old case MBW 16610 and my UPO which is getting the crystal double-ARd. I'm slower on working on my own watches than others.

jiro: hahaha ain't that a true?! :D

BK: It's a responsibility thing. I'm also the kind who derives happiness from others being happy.

jiro: And that's why me and all the other forum members love you, man....you're a true gentleman

jiro: man of his word and responsibility....and that's what it's all about, you know...

BK: Not to toot my own horn too much. I enjoy peace and harmony. Not that I can't raise my voice and be nasty, it hurts me more when I yell at somebody, take advantage of somebody. I'd rather be taken advantage of but in a courteous way. When I managed sales in Asia, I was cursing and yelling (sales guys have to be treated like that though) and I wasn't happy.

jiro: I think I understand what you mean when you say it hurts you more when you express your anger towards somebody.....but still....that's very hard to do.....I know i can NEVER do that! hahaha:D

jiro: Ok, back to the subject again~ How much time do you invest in our hobby on an average day?

BK: Too much. at work, I'll be on the forum in between my work tasks. Out of 8 hours of office time, it's probably 2 hours. Pretty bad eh. After work, I try to keep it under 1 hour otherwise my kids and my gf will scream at me.

jiro: Hey, 2 hours at work is whole lot less than me....so you're fine my friend....hahaha:D

BK: I try to do most of the mods during sunday when my family is at church. I have peace and quiet when I can be most productive. I can easily finish 1 bk sub on a sunday. On week days, it'll take me 3 days to finish a bk sub

BK: Sometimes exceeding my 1 hour limit per day. I'm pretty bad, not keeping my promise to my family, often...

jiro: But I bet your PM box is always filled with questions and inquiries....right?

BK: Yes, that's very true. Between rwg and RepGeek, I got 20+ PMs a day. RepGeek is the busiest though.

jiro: A man in demand!!!!:D

jiro: What do you like to do with your down time/free time? Do you have any other hobby?

BK: I have too many hobbies. Right now it's golf. I play and teach tennis and ping pong to my boys. I play rock guitar and draw but I don't get time to do that anymore.

jiro: guitar, eh~? Not too shavy~~~ That's cool~:cool: I've always envy those people who can play guitar~:D

BK: When I young, guitar and comics (besides sports which I always love) were my passion. I wanted to be a rocker. I also almost became a comics artist apprentice. My parents of course forbidded me. They thought comics are childplay. I couldn't make a living with it. I'm really pretty good. I always have good eyes and am very accurate drawing what I see. If I had pursued that path, I would probably be a millionaire because the kids who went to became the apprentices, many have their own books and make millions.

jiro: Wow, interesting~! Do you have any pictures of them? I'd love to see your work!

BK: I have some pencil drawings, sometime I'll take pics and share.

jiro: Nice~ :D I'll look forward for that! ;)

jiro: Do you consider yourself more of a modder or dealer?

BK: Definitely a modder. I turned down a dealer section. I want to have my objective status 'cause you know I talk about who sells what, I make dealer recommendations etc. And I don't like to keep up with the latest factory offerings. It's a lot of work that I don't enjoy. I enjoy doing mod work, selling my work, some easy some harder. Like I said, I want to be compensated but don't need a lot. The extra money I make is perfect for me to keep playing this hobby without putting another line item on my family budget. It works out perfectly.

jiro: Do you remember the first mod job you’ve done?

BK: Sub CGs. It's actually very aggressive given I haven't done it before. I did a full reshape, inside and outside, crown tube removed to sand down the base of the CG so the crown sits closer to the bezel. It turned out quite well. The reason I started modding is I didn't know who to turn to. I found Joe later who reposition the bezel on my exp2. I still don't know how he did it without any scratches. He also did amazing relume, which is something I will never try. Just doesn't interest me. I like sanding. It's like sculpting. I recently sanded an old DSN CG. The surface wasn't even. I'm pretty happy with the result. It looks like it got polished by machine.

jiro: What was the most detailed and lengthy mod you have done?

BK: That will be the new case MBW. The one I did for STURM, which I posted "Beautifying current MBW" (http://www.repgeek.com/showthread.php?t=4594). I really sanded like hell. The bezel teeth, lip, CGs completely reshaped. Sanded the insert just thin enough to snap in.

jiro: I see...I’m pretty sure there are lots of members out there who got inspired by your works & tutorials. What advice can you offer to those members if they would like to consider modding their own watches?

BK: First you need good eyes. If you enjoy working with your hands or if you have to have the mods but can't afford somebody do it, just pick something simple to start. I put down quite clearly what's hard, what's risky and what's not in my tutorials. For example, sanding down an insert is almost zero risk while doing CG reshape, esp. outside, you'd better practise on something else first.

BK: Another advise you need to invest in tools. For example, if you are into AR'ing, buy a crystal press. Always get the better screw drivers.

jiro: Over the past few months, you have been offering many great quality watches at very low prices. And I know for fact that you’re doing this out of your passion for the watch.
However, while I truly appreciate all your time and efforts, I’m beginning to think that you must now have some doubts on dealing on the boards after few incidents. What are your true feelings and what advice can you give to those members who want to deal with you in the future?

BK: I'm lucky there's only 1 bad incident even though I expected more. RepGeek members haven't given me any trouble. I want to believe that was an isolated incident. What ticked me off was the 1st message's tone. Had he been cool and say something like the insert and coronet fell off, can you help. Instead of saying "I thought you took care of these things...the only reason I bought from you is I assume you do that...the watch is falling apart...who can feel safe wearing it..." I wasn't nasty when replying but pointed out the fact "I checked but never said I reglued every one before sending out". I did offer something better but he couldn't understand it. Some people in our community don't understand reps they are getting. They can't put up with these mishap. It's reps we are playing...

BK: Even gen breaks or have something fall off. don't get hung up on these things. When working with a seller, you can always work out issues. No need to resort to dispute with paypal, which I think it's a crime to do in our community to do vs someone. I appeal to everyone who buys from me to be courteous. PM and email has a problem of sounding harsh to begin with. Be a little more considerate to be extra polite. A smiley face here and there get you a lot of freebies. Sometimes even your money back.

jiro: Very well said, sir.

jiro: Where do you see our hobby in 2~3 years from now with all the push back from the gen dealers due to the high quality of reps?

BK: I don't worry too much about it. As long as there's China, Vietnam, Laos, all these developing countries whose labor force need to produce something to sell, there're always reps. The demand side is always there. If you build it, they will buy. Take Louise Vitton bags for example, they are alive and kicking. The best reps come from guess where, South Korea, which is not even a developing country. And my femail coworkers who make $150-200K/year are happily buying them. The cost is the variable. I think watch reps tend to go up more than they will come down on price. Movement, labor cost, gen pressure will make them more expensive. I just hope the gen makers don't keep increasing the gen's price. There's a natural tendency for the reps go up with the gen's price. As the gen's prices go up, even labor and all the other costs go up, if there's a definite difference in price between gen and rep, rep has a spot. I kind of have a limit on how much to spend on a rep. For example, a gen used sub is around $3000-3500. There's no way I pay $1000 for a rep. But if the used sub is $5000-6000, I will consider paying $1000 for a rep. You see my point?

jiro: Yup! Some very good points you just mentioned....very well said.

jiro: Well.......I believe that was the last question and that's all I have for you today, bk~

BK: Hope you like it

jiro: Oh I LOVE IT, are you kidding me? Again, it was my honor to be able to interview you today, I'm sure members on the forum will discover something new about you after reading this. Thank you for taking your time today, BK!

BK: You're welcome

11-07-2007, 04:36 AM
Excellent interview Jiro, thanks for taking the time to interview one of our most interesting members.

Also, a big thank you to Bk for your time and insights.


11-07-2007, 04:39 AM
Thanks BK for letting us get to know a little more about you and thanks Jiro for putting this together. Awesome interview guys!

scarramanga 78
11-07-2007, 04:41 AM
.......A Outstanding Job Jiro and Bk, Thank You! Great interview.

11-07-2007, 04:55 AM
Thank you again Jiro (job well done) .. and specially bklm1234 for your time spending with us. We at repgeek appreciated everything you have done for this community.

Thank you


11-07-2007, 05:05 AM
This was a really good way to understand the business from the eyes of a person on the front lines. Thanks for doing this. I appreciate the insight. It allows a person to put this business into perspective. I have a better appreciation for the people that bring these works of art to us. Thanks to Bk. I have personally benefitted from his experience and I look forward to receiving more quality products from him.

11-07-2007, 05:06 AM
Very interesting life, BK. Thanks for sharing!

11-07-2007, 05:12 AM
Thank you, great interview. And great timing as he is definitely the man of the moment.

11-07-2007, 05:18 AM
Thanks BK for his time with us to do this interesting interview... Now that we know each other better, can I 'borrow' your MBK for a month? LOL J/k, dude...

And also Thanks to Jiro for getting hold of BK and putting this together :D

11-07-2007, 05:22 AM
Outstanding! :clap: :clap: Great questions Jiro. And BK, it was great to learn more about you and how you got started in all of this. I can sense the passion you have for this hobby as I read your responses. Well done all around!

Looking forward to more interviews :munch: :)

11-07-2007, 05:22 AM
Thanks guys, it was my pleasure interviewing BK!!!!

And YES, it is truly a blessing for us to have a person like BK in our forum....

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Thank you BK for taking the time to give us an insight into the life of a modder.

11-07-2007, 06:01 AM
Thanks for the interview guys!
:) :) :) :) :) :)
Where is my freebie?

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Thanks, BK and Jiro. I hope to read more interviews soon.

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Great interview. I really enjoy getting to know people beyond their screen name. It makes every interaction more personal, like talking to old buddies. :)

11-07-2007, 12:13 PM
Great read, Jiro and BK!

BK, you seem to have a real passion for what you do. Thanks for taking the time to give us that glimpse into your life.

11-07-2007, 03:15 PM
Excellent interview, in depth questions, a real pleasant read. Thank you so much Jiro and BK. Great job

11-07-2007, 03:29 PM
Great inverview Jiro! Very nice job....BK, you are an interesting guy my friend.


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Nice interview! thanks!

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Great interview and thanks for the insight behind BK :D

jerry rosewicz
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:D Thanks for the great learning experience and new insite on reps.

11-08-2007, 03:32 AM
Your a good interviewer jiro..questions were put together well. Thanks bk for your thorough and honest answers.

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Very good interview. Quite information and knowledge in there. Really enjoy reading it and read it twice. Understand more about the rep too.

11-10-2007, 02:14 AM
This is a great addition to the forum to have a get to know area it really takes a personnal edge to the rep forum anonimity that usually hangs over our heads.

11-21-2007, 08:08 PM
Great interview of a great member of the community. 99% of the stuff I know about Subs I learned from BK alone ;)

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the man, the myth, the legend...

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nice interview indeed

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Good job on a great interview!!

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bump for some insight into the Rollie King - BK.

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A poll on who is next for this interview thing is in order.....i vote for Sead,but i know you all want davey....:)

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great interview. glad to know what its like for a modder/watch enthusiast.

06-13-2008, 01:52 PM
Excellent Interview guys.
BK, I know exactly what you are talking about.
I just recently made the transition out of Software sales and into a more relaxed environment in development.
Its a totally different world!
Nice collection as well Jiro! :)

08-10-2008, 03:08 PM
Mr. Jack Heuers Perception on Carrera

The interview with Mr. Jack Heuer was done on one afternoon of May. He came to Beijing mainly for the new products presentation of TAG Heuer, and he visited the Summer Palace designedly. In the interview, I noticed that he wore a watch of Grand Carrera 17, and he said that he liked this kind of watch very much.

Q: Originally, why did you create the watch brand with the subject of Carrera?
A: Carrera is the name of a long cross-country race in Mexico, and I like it very much. Because it sounds so grand and magnificent, and it is meaningful as well. It represents land, vehicle and broad vision, and it sounds quite suitable for the name of a watch series. Now Carrera is the working effort of Heuer team, and I am just the consultant. I suggest keeping the special style which Carrera owns, including its perfect design and the clear and concise styling.

Q: Is there any relationship between TAG Heuer Carrera and Porsche Carrera?
A: Yes, there is. Carrera race was quite rough and dangerous, and there were a lot of accidents with high injuries and deaths. Therefore, since its last holding in 1956, it has not been held any more. A short while after that, Porsche developed a new sports car and named it as Carrera in memorizing this race. Meanwhile, we also took it as the name of our watch.

Q: Grand Carrera has used many innovative technologies, such as rotary chassis. Would you please tell us about the design idea and technology specialty in detail?
A: There are three points. First, it has a rotary system which can not only be used as second hand and to keep time, but can also show dual time. Displaying so many functions just in one way is its most characteristic. Second, it has a special watch-button with double protections. Third, although it owns so many complex functions, it can still keep concise, clear and elegant.

Q: The making of watch movement for TAG Heuer has been quite ripe, why did you still present a new watch with Zenith watch movement on Basel World?
A: That is a sharp question. Firstly, Zenith is the sister brand of LVMH, but not competitor. Secondly, the amplitude of Zenith watch movement is 36,000 times per hour, which means one time per 1/10second. What we created is the movement with 360,000 times, which means one time per 1/100second. Although the rotary speed of our watch movement is as ten times as Zenith, which can keep a record of 1/10 second, it cannot show it clearly. But this watch we designed just needs to show the 1/10second. Therefore, we need a watch movement of 36,000 times to show the 1/10 second we want. Zenith can do that and we are in the same group, why do we need to produce a same watch movement?

Q: Are there any relationships between TAG Heuer and Olympics and Sports?
A: From 1920 to 1932, TAG Heuer was appointed as timing equipment for Olympic Games for 4 years in succession. Because Swiss watch was in depression in 1970s and the basic timing equipments for Olympic Games needed at least more than 100 watchmakers to accomplish, which was a great demand and none brand could do that successfully. Therefore, for the Mosco Olympic Games in 1980, it was done by several brands in Switzerland, including Omega, Longines etc, and TAG Heuer was one of them. Later, we considered that TAG Heuer was famous for its accurate timing, while Olympic Games timing did not require very fast speed, so we gradually withdrew from Olympic Games and went into races such as skiing, fast racing, and challenge ourselves in limitation, speed and resistance.

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what do you think of this interview?lol

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good read, what a great interview! i really hope to share more with you! the sooner the better!

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that was wicked like it, thanks jiro and bk :)

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bk the best

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Stumbled upon this. Great read and good of one of the best modders to open up on his background and interests. Would like to see more of these.

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great interview.

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Bravo sir, ....Bravo!

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Excellent interview!!

BK is a true gentleman!!

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An interesting read....

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Excellent interview...

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BK/JIRO is what I call an interview - Superb !

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as a complete noobie here..this was absolute fantastic as it gave me an idea as to how this all works from, a behind the scens point of view!

many thanks and very informative..

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Ha ha ha, this is the first time I read this thread. Pretty good read too.

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Its my first time too... good one!

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Very enjoyable Jiro..Thanks!! I've been interested in knowing about BK for sometime. Nice!!

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I know its from 2007 this interview but its just great

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Great article, its good to get to know our dealers!

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This Grotto is full of info for nubes like me,Been here for a few weeks now just reading,Wife thinks I'm nuts, they just don't get it...Lol..

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And the grotto just keeps on getting bigger....

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Oldie, but goodie... Now, I want a BK freaking sub!

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Being new here, that was a really nice interview.

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Hi Bk, I've heard a lot about how great your subs are. I'm really interested in one could you please let me know how to go about this. Cheers Ty

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bello, molto carina come iniziativa

01-08-2015, 03:24 PM
BK is the master for Sub. A very good artist who modes the watch nearing original. I am in process to order one from him. Besides that he is a very humble and nice person and always answered my question (sometimes cud be a non-sense question...) To be an artist is easier than to be a good man. I like him because he always speaks truth and never boast for his work.


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New here, but have to say, very good interview. Very interesting life, BK. Thanks for sharing!