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08-13-2008, 05:09 AM
:D :D Since 1978, as the international high-end watch brand which first entered China after the reform and opening-up, Swiss Rado has already struck root in China for 30 years. With the purpose of finding out how to be an evergreen tree for 30 years, we interviewed the global president of Rado Mr. Roland Streule in Rado exhibition hall of Basel World.

Q: Rado watch is well known for its design, would you please talk about how design is important to a watch?
A: Any work or product should have a design. But watch is a special product, the design of which includes semblance and movement. As far as Rado watch is concerned, the movement is the core. Of course, special and fashionable design and the leadership in modern science and technology field are also the reason why we are so popular in the market. Regardless of from quality of movement, semblance design or modern scientific technology, Rado watch has features which go with modern times. This is because modern people wearing watches are more for realizing the self-satisfaction, which is also a value of them nowadays.

Q: In a time full of mechanical watches, why does Rado still persist in quartz movement?
A: The technology of quartz is a frontier technology which keeps up with the times. The advantage of quartz watch is quite obvious in many areas. The movements adopted by Rado are obviously different from those common and cheap quartz movements. The Rado movements not only emphasize on processing technology, but also have a high standard to assemble process. In addition, Rado watches emphasize the comfortable feeling when wearing, therefore, most movements are designed focusing on some factors such as arch which is deeply loved by consumers, smooth body line, arm close touch. One thing I have to mention here is that the technology of Rado mechanical watches making is also advanced. For example, the self-winding see-through watch of Original series is not only certified by The Swiss Official Chronometer Control, but the case of which also adopts ôhollow outö design.

Q: What else can show the leadership of Rado watches in modern science and technology?
A: Ceramic technology. Rado watch has had the DiaStar Integral series since 1986. Rado is forthgoer in ceramic technology which is used in watch making. The ceramic used by Rado is a high-tech ceramic, different from common ceramic. These ceramics are all made by Comadur located in Neuchatel, Swiss, adopting powder molding plus ingredients such as tungsten, titanium and silicon. Rado is not only the forthgoer in high-tech ceramic, but also the first watch manufacturer who makes watch mirror of Sapphire Crystal. This year, we created color metal coating on the basis of metal coating technology, making the color of watch more various.

Q: What advantages of using high-tech ceramic to make watch?
A: Watch made by high-tech ceramic is quite light. It gives you a comfortable feeling and it is not easy to fray, and high-tech ceramic also enables the watch to keep new. It does not depigment or lose color, and it can also avoid skin anaphylaxis caused by metal.

Q: Would you please tell us something about the new editions of DiaStar Integral series in Basel World this year?
A: This year Rado focused on Color, Black&Gold and Matt. And its design emphasizes modern. 30 editions of CERAMICA are divided into 10 colors. We developed color metal coating technology on the basis of Sapphire watch mirror, which distinguishes the dignity of black high-tech ceramic with color. Black and Gold is a perfect match, and most Rado watches contain golden color. This year, Rado all presented golden or black&gold editions on the main series, and the golden ceramic edition especially shows the high technics of Rado in high science and technology ceramic field. The Matt effect of high science and technology ceramic is also a breakthrough which made by Rado through complex technics.

Q: Why does Rado exhibition hall in Basel World always use the color of black and cold light?
A: Rado is the first watch manufacturer who uses black as an integrated color for watch. Black is a nobler color, which is not only the emblematical color for Rado, but also a special style of Rado. As what we could see, the Rado exhibition hall this year used black floor glass to open out the black, peace and modern of Rado. We also decorated the outside black walls with four silver circles of different size, which has become the symbol of the brand design. This symbol not only represents the timing circles on the dial, but also brings people a soft feeling when seeing the strong Rado.

Q: What are the secrets of Rado having been an evergreen tree in China for 30 years?
A: Actually, the answers above have told you all the secrets. In addition, keeping pace with times and developing with the changes of times, sticking to fashion and new is also one of the secrets.

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That's a great interview, thanks for sharing. ;o)