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  23. Need help tightening up with
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  27. what size screws/screwdriver for BB?
  28. BB Blue Missing Lume Pip. Suggestions/Opinions?
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  30. Source for a blue bezel insert with plastic pearl/ snowflake?
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  41. When a V2 of the Pelagos?
  42. Incoming black shield
  43. BB A2313 build quality?
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  45. Best rolex replacias
  46. pelagos movement removal
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  52. New purchase
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  54. Baselworld 2015: Tudor Fastrider chronograph
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  57. newbie: Black bay gen vs rep.
  58. V6F Pelagos Mods
  59. Who sells a good Tudor strap?
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  78. the tudor bb one :)
  79. Swiss eta vers China eta ? Who will win ?
  80. Tudor Black Bay NATO/cotton Strap GEN
  81. Rep or Gen Tudor oyster prince
  82. Modifying a Bulova Marine Star to Snowflake hands to more resemble the Tudor Pelagos
  83. Just finished - Phong 7016
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  86. New 9411
  87. Blackbay bezel tightening
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  89. New hardware
  90. Tudor secret heritage release of the 15th October
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  92. Corgeut Black Bays are on eBay
  93. Black Bay Black is OUT?
  94. Tudor Black Bay Black V2?
  95. Still enjoying the Tudors!
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  97. Help IDing OEM Pelagos Rubber Strap
  98. Is anyone able to identify maker/version please?
  99. Distressed strap on Ranger.
  100. Tudorblackbay discontinue in summer 2016
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  107. tudor fastrider
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  110. Black bay perl issue
  111. Opinion on Tudor chronograph bezel.
  112. Tudor Pelagoes Dial Issue
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  115. Pelagos Black V6F v2 vs ZF v2
  116. Pelagos bezel
  117. Gen tudor heritage chrono blue - 70330b
  118. Tudor Ranger with a problem
  119. Input on first Tudor purchase
  120. Black Bay BRONZE coming!!
  121. KW Black Bay Bronze released today, VS ZF BB Bronze comparison
  122. ZF Pelagos blue & KW Pelagos black side by side comparison
  123. ***Pictorial review*** Tudor Pelagos TI/TI Blue ZF Asia 2824...Trustytime Rocks!
  124. ZF Tudor Pelagos Blue
  125. ZF Tudor Pelagos Blue from TT
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  128. Intime Tudor heritage
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  130. Strap advice please...
  131. Reps Comparison : Tudor Heritage Blackbay Bronze 79250BM V6F/KW Vs ZF
  132. Tudor black shield
  133. Thinking of pulling trigger on Pelagos ZF Factory V2. How's the movement?
  134. Clasp on ZF Pelagos
  135. Tudor monte Carlo 7031 bracelet
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  137. Black Bay Dark
  138. [Product Review] KW (V6F) Tudor Black Bay V2 Compare between rep and gen
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  145. Pelagos Lefty
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  147. Black Bay 36
  148. Tudor Pelagos LHD
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  150. Another Blue Black Bay.
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  153. New Ceramic Black Shields
  154. Pelagos Black KW
  155. Pelagos 5 liner
  156. Vintage Tudor cases
  157. Please WANTED 2 links for TUDOR BB SSteel
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  159. has anyone bought black bay from watch station - ? about case edges
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  167. Black Bay Heritage Dark.
  168. Tudor chronograph review gen
  169. New Tudor Black Bay Steel & Gold
  170. Tudor Black Bay Bronze BEB
  171. Rubber B for Pelagos Blue
  172. Which Blue Pelagos?
  173. ZF Pelagos from a Divemaster
  174. Movement problem on Pelagos
  175. Tudor Black Bay V1 retrospective.
  176. New Tudor Black Bay for Harrods
  177. Ever decided which Black Bay Bronze most gen like?
  178. Heritage Black Bay Steel Rep
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  181. New Tudor black bay S&G?
  182. Hour and minute hands not in sync
  183. Black bay chrono
  184. Tudor steel and gold review...
  185. Tudor steel and gold review...
  186. Tudor Z factory Y&G
  187. Pelagos V6F 1:1 Best Edition on Titanium Bracelet A5612 V4 - Opinions?
  188. QC pic- problem? Blue Pelagos
  189. A Visit To The Tudor Strap-Making Factory
  190. Heritage Black Bay Chronograph Tudor
  191. Feels like 1959 all over again
  192. Need help: Black Bay Red or Blue (Need a starting point)
  194. Pelagos 2 Liner
  195. help finding Tudor 79090 case
  196. QC Pic of Pelagos V6F V4
  197. Got my toes wet with the this Tudor...
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  199. QC Advice - Black Bay - Red
  200. Tudor 9411 snowflake
  201. Pelagos LHD for righties
  202. Tudor Black Bay Heritage A2824. ZF
  203. Heritage chrono blue available from any dealer?
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  205. Question for anyone with a V4 Pelagos
  206. Vintage sub
  207. Pelagos V6F V4 Miyota 9015 Rotor Noise Question
  208. Tudor fast rider black shield ceramic
  209. Which TD carry Heritage Black Bay bracelets only?
  210. TD to buy Blue Tudor Pelagos rubber from?
  211. Possible to replace Bezel tension spring on a Pelagos?
  212. Tudor special edition COS
  213. Tudor Black Bay Black
  214. Any live pics - BB Harrod's edition
  215. Tudor Heritage Black Bay (red)
  216. Blue Tudor Chrono-time
  217. Tudor pelagos (movement fake? real? clone?)
  218. QC of Tudor Black Bay Harrods ZF
  219. Anyone know how the bezel inserts are fastened on the BB?
  220. I'm in love
  221. Black bay gmt rep eta?
  222. Pelagos LHD. ZF or XF?
  223. Problem changing time on Pelagos
  224. Tudor Hydronaut 89190 Rep
  225. Heritage Ranger SS - Super Rep Version?
  226. Tudor Pelagos LHD
  227. Any news on the tudor BB58?
  228. QQ for Harrods owners
  229. Pelagos LHD v2?
  230. Tudor Experts, Pelagos or Black Bay?
  231. help with hands
  232. Black bay gmt ZF QA pics. Let me know what you think
  233. Tudor 58 ?
  234. Replacement Pelagos bracelet link screw/pin
  235. Got my GMT today
  236. Where to get the best Tudor Sub 79090 replica ?
  237. transform a BB heritage (41mm) to look like a BB58 (39mm) by swapping in gold/black bezel insert?
  238. Nice Tudor deployment clasp!
  239. Do any of the TD's offer the black Bay GMT with that red-ish leather strap?
  240. Nice video review of the gen Tudor Black Bay GMT
  241. Difference in thickness from TD for BB
  242. ***Pictorial review*** ZF Tudor Black Bay GMT from Trustytime!
  243. Tudor Black Bay Chronograph with steel bracelet?
  244. BB bronze blue VF vs XF
  245. Black Bay 58: how many watches did you QC before accepting?
  246. Just got my GMT
  247. New release zf black bay fifty eight 39mm
  248. Smooth bezel Bb41 best?
  249. Which pelagos is better?
  250. Closing the gap: does your Tudor fliplock clasp need tightening?