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  10. Adding Cracked Indices To Your Vintage Dial the DD Way
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  13. delete
  14. Use Testor's Dullcote Lacquer for Resin Fill!!!
  15. Is there a bezel fix other than super glue?
  16. How do I change one dial and movement from a Radiomir case , to another?
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  18. Re : assemble and dis-assemble for ETA 7750
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  20. technical specification of a 6497/6498
  21. Has anyone tried to drill lugs with a "gulp" hand drill?
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  23. genuine UTS 3000m
  24. Anyone have a good paint color combo to get the mismatched PreV dials ?
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  35. Tea Method
  36. How does one use dial dots?
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  38. Copy Chrome - is it this?
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  41. Attaching Dial to Movement
  42. Lemon Juice method gone wrong
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  48. Vintage watch
  49. Weed