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  1. How To:Graphite Lubrication For Resuscitating Seconds at 6 Movements*RepGeek Award Winning Post*
  2. How to Replace an Asian 21j Movement
  3. Adding a Regulator to the A7750 28800
  4. A Close Inspection the the mechanism of the AP seconds @ 12
  5. Changing the Omega logo of the UPO
  6. Review and Modding of the Graham Tech Seal
  7. Review of Litlte Hero 111H dial (and other reps). *RepGeek Award Winning Thread*
  8. Modding the Rotor of the Hublot Big Bang **RepGeek Award Winning Thread**
  9. Lume Eye Candy Pictures (Panerai wall clock)
  10. Using Decals for Modding. Hublot Big Bang Case Back
  11. A Detailed Tutorial on PAM Cannon Pin Modification. *RepGeek Award Winning Thread**
  12. Adding / Removing the Seconds Ouput of an ETA/Unitas 6497 Movement
  13. Real Wood for the IWC Cousteau 2006 Model*RepGeek Award Winning Thread*
  14. Modding the "OFFICINE PANERAI" Text
  15. Modding the Crown Guard Pin of PAMs
  16. Adding the Spanish flag to the FEF Hublot
  17. Building a Franken Omega SMP Black
  18. Review of Ulysse Nardin Maxi Marine Diver Chronograph
  19. Review of the new 29j Daytona Movement
  20. A Tutorial on Easy and Cheap Ultrasonic Cleaning
  21. Operation and Repairing the A7750 Hour Counter
  22. Welcome to Francisco's Tutorial Shop
  23. Review and Modding of TAG Heure Calibre 16
  24. Repairing an IWC Slevin Damaged by a Hairdryer
  25. A Close Inspection to the new IWC Portuguese Movement
  26. Eliminating Rust on Hands in a Maurice Lacroix Watch
  27. Repairing when you manually wind and the rotor spins (7750)
  28. Improving the Precision of the A7750 Minute Counter
  29. Customizing Sterile Panerai Watches
  30. thank you Francisco for teaching me how to mod my hbb
  31. A round of applause and hearty RepGeek congratulations to Francisco
  32. Comparison of rep versions of Oris Carlos Coste
  33. Watchmaker Tools at Dealextreme.com
  34. A Review of the New Omega Chrono Movement
  35. Modding the Back of Porsche Flat 6
  36. Resorting to one the men
  37. Solving the tube thread problems in the Oris arlos Coste
  38. Tag Heuer blue screws help
  39. A Solution for the Sunken DW of the Asian 7750
  40. Making the RG "Pass Around" European Watch
  41. Making a screw for a Maurice Lacroix Bracelet
  42. Modifying the ETA Ratchet Wheel to Fit the Asian 7750
  43. New A7750 (28,800) lubrication question
  44. Date Wheel Swapping for Hublots or similars
  45. What is the best method to remove chrono hands ?
  46. Soldering/Brazing Broken DSSD Clasp
  47. Dissolving a stem that cannot be removed from the crown
  48. Repairing a Steelfish (2836-2) with Low Power Reserve
  49. Repairing when crown does not change day / date (7750)
  50. Reluming a bezel insert pearl with epoxy
  51. Buying a watch with guaranteed ETA movement
  52. A dial that is a light bulb. A full relumed dial
  53. Crown and stem help
  54. Staking Tool (I). Making a Spare Ratchet Wheel for A7750
  55. Staking tool (II). Repairing hand tubes.
  56. Staking Tool (III). Making smaller the hand tube.
  57. Repairing when winding the 6497 does not work well
  58. Modding the blue hand of PAM 253 Flyback Regatta
  59. The IWC 3717 with ETA Date and Day Wheels
  60. Look here why you cannot change date at midnight
  61. A Review of the Movement of IWC Regulateur Reps
  62. Improving the reliability of AP seconds at 12 movement
  63. The midnight modding (day changes at midnight)
  64. Improving the stickers of the Hublot Big Bang rotor
  65. Improving reps with Lemania (ST-19) movement
  66. A couple of APs, relumed and movements improved
  67. PAM Regatta: hands modded and full reluming
  68. Improving Breitling Avenger Rep
  69. Recomended Tool Sets
  70. Scratch test Applied to Fine_dd AR Treatment
  71. AR Treatment Applied to APs: 2geek and Fine_dd
  72. The incabloc mod for Panerais
  73. Panerai Mod Suggestions
  74. Where are you?
  75. Francisco's section suspended,****important news.*****
  76. Is Francisco working again?
  77. Crown and tube for sub jkf 1680