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  1. Here is some of my gen collection
  2. Got the camera and shot a few of the Wolf
  3. Some Steelfish Comparison Shots
  4. Some New Sea Dweller Pics
  5. Just got this one put together.
  6. Special Thanks to "jackjo"--- and Breitling Eyecandy!!
  7. Review - SD Gen vs Rep Comparison(With Pics!) *RG Award Winning thread*
  8. Finally got up the nerve
  9. Crown Guard buffing and New Pearl SSD
  10. Review - Genuine Omega SMP vs Gen 42mm PO Review *RG Award-Best Watch Review*
  11. Review - Gen Omega Seamaster Pro vs. Breitling Super Ocean Steelfish X-Plus Review *RG Award-Best Watch Review*
  12. Mod - Seawolf with Pro II bracelet Mod
  13. Mod - 176 Finally together!
  14. Ultimate Version SFSO Arrived Today. Merry Christmas!
  15. Lume Shot on new Ultimate SFSO
  16. Mod - Flush lever pin for the 177
  17. Review - Avenger Showdown! Old vs New!!
  18. Mod - SFSO Endlink Mod
  19. Mod - Sub Date Mag Adjustment tutorial.
  20. Review - Avenger Showdown Part 2! Seawolf Rep vs Gen *RG Award Winning Review*
  21. New Review!!!
  22. Mod - Jackjo's Super Sub #2 Rolls off the Assembly Line
  23. Welcome to My Area!
  24. Best way to tone down vintage YELLOW rep hour markers ?
  25. Jackjo is the man!
  26. New Upgraded SSD Pics!
  27. New Items Posted July 10th! - Jackjo's Watch Swap Meet/Flea Market!!!
  28. Write-up of Jackjo's Ultimate SuperOcean SteelFish
  29. Jackjo's SSD Mod Packages!!!
  30. Much appreciation!!! SSD Jackjodified!
  31. Just arrived. BK SSD v2... w/ Jackjoification
  32. Short Vacation with family
  33. Super Sea Dweller Jackjodificationized!
  34. need your help jackjo :D
  35. he Jack..
  36. Check out my new SSD modded by Jackjo..WOW!!!
  37. My Super Sea-Dweller after JACKJONIZED!!!
  38. Mod - SFSO with a modded CA bracelet.
  39. Just finished! Another Jackjo SSD with Gen parts!
  40. A special thanks for the excellent work
  41. Review - Precious Times Submariner 2008 Version Review!*RepGeek Award Winning Thread*
  42. New Jackjo SSD
  43. My New Jackjo Fully Modded SSD
  44. Pm sent
  45. Mom passed away.
  46. new luv me me some sea dweller jackjo style
  47. Bezel removal
  48. jackjo mod any black smp 300s?
  49. Jackjo do you...
  50. New Items Posted Feb 27th! - Jackjo's Watch Swap Meet/Flea Market!!!
  51. FS: Jackjo's Personal Fully Modded SSD!!!
  52. FS: Euromariner Jackjo's Personal Model Fully Modded
  53. Jackjo; are you sourcing anything else besides the SSD?
  54. Need a source for rolie dials for ETA movement
  55. Just ordered my first REP!!
  56. *Closed and Traded Doxa Gen!
  57. Who wants a Jackjo SSD? Take a look!!!
  58. Where to get ETA 7750 hands for Skyland Avenger????
  59. A great job on my dssd
  60. The bezel on my WM9 V1 sub is very tight...what is wrong with it?
  61. Anyone pressure test Jackjo's SSD?
  62. Jackjo, any mods you can do to this watch?
  63. Does anyone know where i can find SD booklet and mini anchor etc
  64. Dear Jackjo...
  65. I love my Jackjo SSD
  66. Got my Jackjo SSD today
  67. More lovin for Jackjo and his supa-dupa SSD!!
  68. I can hardly wait!
  69. Jackjo SSD Special prices! Limited quantity! and payment terms available!!!
  70. SSD updates
  71. Photos of my new Jackjo SD
  72. Pix of my Jackjo SSD in the Rolex area
  73. SSD is......Discontinued.
  74. Anyone hear from Jackjo recently?
  75. My Franken
  76. Will you be modding the new SD?
  77. New Sea Dweller Edition with some Jackjo work