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    Default Royal Oak Offshore Singapore F1 Grand Prix Limited Edition to 250 - with pics

    Received this Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Singapore F1 Grand Prix and was very impressed with the attempts. The same problems exist that are evident with all AP ROO.

    So lets start with the good parts:

    The case is really well done. The carbon fibre is nice and soft to touch. It has organic feel. Iíve seen previous version of this watch with just PVD case and they pale in comparison. The finishing on the case is really nice. There is nothing that needs to be touched-up or finished

    The polished areas of the bezel are really nice. They are finished to a mirror finish.

    The dial has a very good coating. It makes the reflection take on almost the same attributes as the starburst dials, where you see the propeller type patterns.

    The numbers are well defined and stand out very prominently against the red background.

    The hands are very well done and have a nice strong lume.

    The leather bracelet that it comes with has two sections Ė the leather perforated top and the almost velour bottom. The red stitching is quite a nice contrast and the colours between the stitching, the dial and the buttons is uniform.

    The case and strap are connected very nicely. It doesnít feel flimsy at all.

    The PVD coated nuts are well defined and sit, I think, in perfect position. Not too flush and not too sunken in.

    Now the bad:

    The date is too small because I think its using regular 7750 date wheel. The real one has a date that almost fills the date window cut off. The date is also placed a little too far to the right. This means that the case is thicker than the genuine one.

    The numbers are a little bit thinner on the real one and I think the outline of the number made in white gold (steel) is a little wider on the real one.

    The AP and the Audemars Piguet are flat on the replica. The real one has it almost a 3D effect. Its like its been grown on the dial instead of printing it.

    The brushing on the bezel is not as fine and refined as the real one.

    The quality of the connection between the case and the strap is just not the same. You can see how the leather overflows into the hole for the pin. The hole on the case is too big as well. It should be finer.

    The rep is using the 7750 movement, so that means that the crown and pushers are aligned, while they are not aligned on the real one. This is obviously because the real one is not a dedicated chrono movement but a module on top of the regular movement.

    The clasp is flimsy. It feels cheap. The engraving on the top is also pathetic.

    One of the major problems for me with this one is how loud the winding on this is. When its on your wrist, you almost have to stop sometimes because you can hear it so well.

    In closing.
    All things that I mentioned are both known faults and may be a little nitpicking. Its all about how this watch makes you feel. Seeing how this one is limited edition of 250, its highly unlikely that you will ever meet anyone else wearing this. The colour contrast on this watch is very striking and will definitely turn heads in a good way. Thatís what you want. So from that perspective itís a good replica.

    now the pictures. The last few I tried to take through a watchsmith loupe...

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    Nice summary/review! Thanks for sharing!


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