RepGeek Policy from Day 1: Why would a thread be closed?

With the unmatched expansion of RepGeek, we are bound to see more 'questionable' posts/threads/replies. Officially, RepGeek has a ZERO, meaning the member is no longer a member, policy regarding any sort of hate speech and/or personal attacks on other members or staff. This is immediate grounds for removal of their membership and hate speech text/thread.

RepGeek is a Private Members forum and we attract thousands and thousands of members who wish to escape the daily flame fests and constant vulgarity, filth and porn they have unfortunately known with darker sites. Simply put – there is no place for that here at RepGeek. RepGeek is the leader in the Watch/Homage Community; we set the pace as a fun, festive, flame free and informative site. RepGeek is tomorrow, today and the future.

All of our RepGeek Moderators have to feel comfortable removing inappropriate comments/threads and/or closing a thread that has crossed the line from discussion and turns into hurtful ignorance. Use your best judgment, we encourage healthy debate and banter, but not in an abusive context. We have no place for that here at The Geek. If the Moderators are unsure, they will make the post invisible, do member research and send pm’s, then after gathering the facts open or remove the post in question.

Please remember, RepGeek is unique in the fact that we are work safe and family/member friendly. Civility and mutual respect matters on this forum. If you were sitting in your office in corporate America and your female boss or supervisor walked by your RepGeek screen, we want to make sure the only porn or vulgarity they might see is “watch porn”.

We have members from well over 125 nations here - RepGeek is without question the fastest growing, most active forum available. Diversity in thought and membership is what unites us. We cannot let the bad behaviors of a few board bullies ruin the fun for the entire RepGeek Community. It is the responsibility of the RepGeek Team to facilitate a forum rooted in mutual respect, decency, spirited and respectful banter and of course, a passion for watches.

Maintaining a Private Members forum that is drama, flame, hate, nudity and spam free is a true chore, but the RepGeek Team would not have it any other way. The tremendous amount of extra time required to keep RepGeek so outstanding is a commitment we must, and are, willing to make.

Will there ever be an atypical time when you make a post that might get unapproved or start a thread that turns ugly? Probably not, but during those rare occasions when it happens, please understand that the decision was made to keep RepGeek as outstanding for all as it has been for you. A RepGeek Staff Member will certainly have pm’d you to discuss your thoughts in a private way.

Another example of why a thread could be removed is the “Viagra/Cialsis spam, or the unscrupulous seller who tries to flood the board with unwanted items that are in violation of our sales guidelines. This happens all too often, but due to the fast acting RG Team and membership, most is removed in time. Should you receive or come across SPAM, your RepGeek mods appreciate the pm’s many of you send to keep us spam free.

Lastly, from time to time the RepGeek Ownership and Moderator Team will hear news that may be deemed as “notable” from another member and/or forum. Ninety Nine percent of the time, it is shared and discussed with the RepGeek family in a positive manner. On the rare occasion, as we have seen with recent events, RepGeek will execute our own due diligence and investigation and act immediately for the continued health of the RepGeek Family. The RepGeek members are not sheep to be asked to follow the bugle call of a fledgling piper without hearing any of the facts or ‘pending, but not certain’, claims. To ask “The Geek” to do as such is an insult to the autonomy and sovereignty of our web site and strong members.

In this particular instance, both RepGeek and another forum found the “pending” claim to lack merit and substance, as opposed to the solid and confirmed data RepGeek would require to act on when sounding a ‘Call to Spartan arms!’ Innuendo, insinuation and “supposed” actions are not grounds for RepGeek to fall in line and engage in endless debate over a topic that admittedly may be fabricated and/or incorrect. Due in part to this, RepGeek elected to not allow, and will still not allow, this innuendo, implication and suggestion. Why send the community into a frenzy over a “pending, but “hopefully it will work out and you can come back” decision. Regarding the aforementioned topic, we continue to do our due diligence and will update the RG Community of any verifiable data immediately.

There will certainly come a time when you may see a thread closed or a post removed that may be of interest to you. With 10,000 members and visitors here at RepGeek, it is bound to happen at least once. Understand the RepGeek Team spoke with the member/members in question and asked they realize that on rare occasions, this action had to take place for the over all health of the forum. As rare as it is, such direct intervention can save hours and hours of ill will and hard feelings.

RepGeek is a Private Members forum and if a member is in conflict with the leadership and or positive tone and membership base, they can pm the Owner or any Moderator to discuss this in greater detail. Again, please keep in mind RepGeek is a Private Members forum and at times, decisions will be made that one is not in total agreement with. I have to and do, accept that in my role.

The RepGeek team is always happy to chat. Do not hesitate to contact any member of the team via pm to talk further.

RepGeek’s "from Day 1: “Recommended Dealer Guarantee.”

RepGeek is built on the sound principles of integrity, character and commitment to providing our members with a fun, festive, friendly and welcoming environment to ‘pass the time’ with friends. We remain steadfast to this ideology – not just today and tomorrow, but have from day one.

To better understand the underlying doctrine of RepGeek’s philosophy regarding “recommended dealers” and the relationship a forum may have, the following defines, publicly and for the record, what has been RepGeeks guiding principle all along.

RepGeek members can rest assured knowing that each vendor listed with RepGeek has been vetted, screened and added to the team based solely on the quality of their product, commitment to customer service, positive member/vendor relations and an appreciation of the ‘spirit of RepGeek’ we have established. Many times this is a 16+ week process and the vendor still does not make the RepGeek team standards.

Unlike other forums, which publicly state they require[d] dealers to ‘rent’ and ‘pay’ a monthly 'fee’ to be listed in their “trusted” section, RepGeek remains autonomous and dedicated to our principles of providing vendors based on merit, not their ability to 'buy' a recommended dealer section. RepGeek requires No fee to be listed as a recommended dealer and receives No financial support in any manner, way, shape or form from any dealer, ever. Any and all hosting fees, server costs, licensing fees and/or additional tariffs associated with RepGeek are paid by the RepGeek founding members: [JC/Sy].*note, our 1 time member fees are included in this statement*
This was true at the beginning, yesterday and will remain the truth tomorrow!

RepGeek alone can stand tall knowing not one penny was accepted to “buy” a “trusted” dealer section or exchanged to have any say in even the smallest of minutia regarding the policies that have made RepGeek the INTERNET's most active, fastest growing and outstanding source for homage, replica and hand crafted watches.

By having accepted No dealer fees, requiring No dealer percentages and all funding coming entirely from its 2 member founders, [JC/Sy]RepGeek is able to expect excellence of its Vendors and add or remove a Vendor based strictly on non financial obligations. Due to this independence, RegGeek members know “The Geek” alone can publicly and unequivocally state – this forum operates solely under the direction and leadership, both financially and verbally, of its founders/mod team who base their decisions regarding any "recommended dealer" exclusively on the best interest of the RepGeek Community, period.

Stand Tall RepGeeks! - knowing RepGeek is strong, ethical, founded on timeless principles and the only forum to have never accepted fees in exchange for services or "trusted" dealer sections from a dealer! Not a penny, ever! RepGeek was built Sparta Strong!!

RepGeek policy regarding paid/'free" reviews.

In order to maintain the integrity and neutrality of RepGeek and our members, RepGeek does not support, condone or approve of 'member paid' reviews. This is to include, but not limited to free watches/parts and/or any supply of services for watch(es), by way of exchange for any forum related review(s). .

RepGeek will maintain the high integrity of our honest impartiality. In short; sponsored and/or paid reviews are not permitted.

Avatar Policy

We make a concerted effort that RepGeek be viewable by anyone, anywhere at anytime and one not have a worry. RepGeek can be viewed in front of family members, kids, colleagues, young siblings, in the office, and one need not be concerned with any borderline inappropriate/risque image.

Many fellow RepGeeks post and enjoy our site from their office and work in environments with stringent internet policies. The following is policy for 99% of Corporate environments, please use this as a reference:

"The ABC Company is committed to creating an effective, safe and secure environment for those who live, learn and work here. Toward that end, the Company will immediately terminate from employment employees who violate any of the policies outlined:

An employee may not use computer equipment to disseminate/upload any information infrastructure files, IE: Avatars, or services that depict nudity, sexual activity, sexual excitement, scantily clad images or sexual acts"

This is very basic, concise and easy to follow as we are all mature/civil adults here.

I'd consider it a personal favor if you would make note. If you are unsure if your image is too provocative, send me a message and I'd be happy to talk with you.

Suggestion to Members

Pug posted this as a reply to the thanks By-Tor was receiving for his reviews in the "By-Tor's Watch Review" new section. I wanted to post this as a sticky for all to see. I know personally I sometimes look at threads/posts and think wow, what a terrific post or valuable info, but don’t always reply as such.

I'd like to ask we take Pug's suggestion and let our fellow members, both new and old, know we appreciate the time invested into our hobby. Posting pictures, helping answer questions or even sharing a joke or two, we all make this a better and more fun place to be by simply participating.

"the more you put in, the more you get out"

Thanks to ALL

"...What people fail to understand is that we're just like them. Ziggy, By-Tor and myself are just like you and we really, really need feedback to keep us excited. Just because By-Tor writes the best reviews you've ever read doesn't mean he doesn't need "Wow, great post!" replies. Even the great TTK gets disheartened when he posts his pro-quality pictures and no-one replies "nice pic!"

We all need encouragement and support. No-one here is being paid to do what they do, so if you like a post, say so! Make the poster proud that he's got hundreds of people appreciating his work.

I do my bit and try to post encouragement in as many deserving threads as possible, but we should all do so. Supporting your community is being part of your community. The more you put in, the more you get out."

How Do I Get To 100 Posts

Without exception there is always something nice that can be said about any thread posted on RepGeek. Take a minute to thank the member for their efforts or mention how they have opened your eyes to something new. “Nice watch” or “Good luck with your sale” is not meaningful content. “Thanks for the great review, really need to consider this watch… great pics BTW!” is meaningful content. Doesn’t mean you have to be fake but sometimes it’s nice to offer a few words of encouragement and appreciation for making a solid effort to share something. Become part of the community vs running up your post count!

Simple Tips You Can Do To Trade/Buy/Sell More Securely

Ladies and Gentlemen-

In order to provide you with the best quality online experience the Admin/Mod team has come up with a few simple tips on how you can trade/buy/sell in a more secure manner.



* Ask for clear pictures with a specific time or object included.
* Ask for the sellers address. Check to find out if they live where they say they live.
* Get their home phone number. Use and do a reverse lookup to see if the phone is registered in their name.
* Call them and talk to them about the watch.
* Don’t get too excited if you see a great watch at a ridiculously cheap price or a trade that seems to good to be true. It may be a scam.
* Be vigilant with new members- we do our best to screen out scammers but you need to pay attention as well.
* RG recommends paying with PP "Purchase of Goods" using a credit card ONLY. It provides an extra layer of protection.
* Only use bank wire or Western Union with RG Trusted Dealers but realize even this is a risk.
* Be specific about which shipping method will be used and ask for the tracking number.
* Google the member’s username and real name online. See what comes up.
* Initiate a search for the username here and see if the posts are contributing to the forum or 100 "nice watch" posts.
* Pay for insurance on every purchase or trade.
* New sellers should comply with all reasonable requests from you (pictures, phone call, etc). If they don’t, walk away.
* If you don’t feel comfortable about something, no matter the reason, walk away.
*Be advised that the RG Mod/Admin staff will do whatever we can to assist you if a deal goes bad but we cannot and will not guarantee anything other than provision of an IP address and email used for registration.


* Ask for references from RG and other watch forums and specify established members only for this.
* Check those references via PM. Make an inquiry post asking about them and follow up with a PM to the Mod/Admin staff of the board.
* If they give you their EBay username as a reference, contact them through the EBay system and ask them if they are the same person.
* Check the forums to see what prior deals have looked like for your buyer. The "SEARCH" button is your friend!
* Google the username and email address of the buyer. See what comes up.
* PP "Purchase of Goods" is the recommended method for accepting funds.
* If a Mod/Admin staff member is contacted for advice in regards to buying your item we will advise the member to wave off the purchase
* Know all shipping rules if you are shipping internationally and inform buyer of Customs risk.
* Ask the buyer for their home phone number and call and talk to them. Use and do a reverse lookup to see if the phone is registered in their name.
* Check to find out if they live where they say they live.
* Ship the item CONUS using a method that allows for insurance, tracking and signature delivery confirmation. International shipments should have a tracking number and signature delivery confirmation.
* Be vigilant with new users.
* If you ever feel uncomfortable, for any reason, walk away.
*Be advised that the RG Mod/Admin staff will do whatever we can to assist you if a deal goes bad but we cannot and will not guarantee anything other than provision of an IP address and email used for registration.