Lately,I've found myself with a few members asking for my help and intervention with sales and/or repairs issues,stemming from deals made with non approved dealers and modders/watchsmiths.

We've talked about this in past but it seems to me that from time to time a reminder it's needed,to benefit the noobs and also some old timers that doesn't seem to remember.
When dealing with people that has not been vetted,approved by the forum administration,how can i put it bluntly... you are on your own!
That's the reason why we have created lists of approved dealers,watchsmiths etc...
If you choose to trust someone out there,someone we don't know nor endorse you assume all risks and the forum staff will have no recourse.
If you can prove to us that you've been scammed one way or another, we will address this as we do with all similar issues and eventually,in the interest of the community ban the member,but this is the extent of the help you will receive.

Hope i made myself clear,be careful out there and have fun on RG.