Ladies and gentlemen in the next couple of days you will see some radical changes on the forum.
A new section will go live shortly, a section we will call Supporting Vendors.
As you know RG never received any form of payment from our vetted dealers and this won't change, in order to guarantee absolute transparency and to give the administration the freedom to choose who deserves to be here and who needs to go.
With that said,as we receive daily a great amount of requests from vendors looking to be part of the forum,we decided to create a new paying section that will work as a store front for the many strapmakers,modders,artisans,parts vendors in exchange for a minimal monthly fee that will help support the forum and pay the bills.
This section won't be open to high volume watch and or bag dealers,only boutique dealers with rare or modded pieces.
In the new section,the supporting vendors will "moderate themselves" with only the supervision of the staff.
They won't be able to delete threads or posts in their section,unlike our vetted dealers.
This should help keeping them on their toes and guarantee a good service to everyone.
We reserve the right to terminate their stay at any time we see fit.
Remember,buyer beware the RG staff won't be responsible for transactions with supporting vendors.
This people are merely renting a store front-window on our forum.
In light of this new section , rules will change regarding the sale of straps and parts.
We will follow the same rule we already apply to the sale of watches.
Only 3 piece for a 30 days period,each piece in a single thread,with tagged pictures.
This rule does not apply in the VIP section where you are free to sell more pieces in the same thread and free to open more than 3 threads for a 30 days period.
We will try to enforce this new rule to the best of our ability and there won't be any warning.
Threads that are not conform will be nuked.
I'm sure it will take some time to get adjusted as with any rules change but we believe this will be an improvement for our forum.
People interested in being part of the new section or looking for informations can contact me or the ownership via pm.
Thank you everyone and have fun!